Grégoire Harel







Grégoire Harel is the founder of proarti, an endowment fund for artistic creation and cultural discovery in Europe. The fund runs two different crowdfunding platforms and, which are specialized in the artistic sector and which offer fiscal reduction for donators as well as other services.
After having managed the performing arts office at Paris City Council, Grégoire engaged in building European relations at the foreign affairs office for five years. Wishing to return to the cultural sector, Grégoire Harel became the director of the European cultural season of the French Institute in 2007 and then chief of staff of the president's office at Universcience, the scientific museum in Paris. From 2012 to 2019, he has managed La Faïencerie théâtre & cinema in Creil.
As president since 2002 of Micadanses, an association for dance development, Grégoire has always supported creation and cultural diversity. With diplomas from the National School of Administration, Cambridge University and the Political Sciences Institute in Paris, he puts his management experience of public cultural operators and development of public and private projects at the service of proarti.