Frederick Rousseau



IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique Musique)


Industrial and Community Recovery Manager


Born in 1958, Frederick Rousseau is from the generation that witnessed the birth of electronic music and musical information. Starting in 1981, he worked with Jean-Michel Jarre on several concerts and albums. In the same time, a long friendship and work relationship with Vangelis resulted in the collaboration on albums such as "Friends of Mr Cairo" or "Private Collection", among others and on live events such as "Rotterdam 1992", "Tribute to El Greco" and the opening of the Athens Athletic Games in 1997. He also worked as a producer on movie soundtracks: "Blade Runner", "Conquest of Paradise" by Ridley Scott, "Bitter Moon" by Roman Polanski, "La Peste" by Luis Puenzo.
Composing movie soundtracks became a main direction in his career; he has also cooperated in musical scores, many documentaries, television shows and publicity.
His personal research takes him to the musical identity of faraway ethnic groups like Satsuma-Biwa in Japan, Wallof songs in Senegal, antique chants from Bielo-Russia, traditional Hungarian or Central-European music. Being a talented alchemist on synthesizers and other cyber-machines, Frederick Rousseau has recorded his works in eclectic and apparently opposite directions ranging from meditative minimalist music, to Japanese fusion, and navigating from ethnic ambient to classic cross culture.