In 1987, Frédéric was recruited by Virgin Music Publishing. A year later, he was elected "Editor of the Year 1988". As artistic director of Columbia in 1989, he founded and ran his own label Saint George until 1998 as well as Columbia. In 1996, when he worked as an expert for classical and world music for Sony, he was elected "ambassador of the year" for the greatest number of French albums sold in the world. Furthermore, Frédéric co-founded Naïve Records in the same year. Again approached by Sony, Rebet became a member of its board of directors in 2008 and for the following six years his mission was to support records with an artistic, creative and innovative dimension. On top of that, he was leading the merger of RCA and Columbia. Since then, Frédéric has been responsible for governance missions with his firm Le Chiffre for French cultural companies. In 2015, he co-founded Amusement Industries and lhas been leading the agency's general management.