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Dirk Dobiéy is co-founder of Age of Artists, an international network and non-for-profit consultancy, education provider and research institute. Age of Artists aims at learning from creative disciplines for better outcomes in business and society and intentionally connects and recruits people from a wide demographic and educational as well as experiential background: artists, managers, psychologists, designers, architects, anthropologists, engineers, physicists, and developers from several countries around the world.

Between 2004 and 2014 Dobiéy held various international management positions at SAP, most recently as Global Vice President Knowledge and Enablement Solutions.

Prior to SAP Dobiéy worked as a strategy and transformation consultant at Hewlett Packard and as a Program Manager and Managing Consultant at T- Systems. Dobiéy has an educational background in international business and social science. He engages in various institutional work groups, as public speaker, is author of several books, most recently Creative Company, and teaches at selected universities.