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Artistic Thinking

Multihalle - Urban Design Thinking Workshop


Wednesday 10:00 18:00


(Invitation only)

The Multihalle was designed by architects Carlfried Mutschler and Frei Otto in 1975 and has been landmarked as a historic monument since 1998. After years of neglection, this sleeping beauty is currently being reawakened and put under contentual and practical reconstruction.

The future Multihalle is aimed to function as a platform for an open society in which topics such as architecture, urban development, technology, science and socio-political questions should find a place for reflection and realization. A reorientation of the previous utilization concept, thus the idea, will provide the multi purpose hall with a new value for the regional, national and international exchange of civil society, creative and economic actors. As a sponsor of innovative cooperation, the cultural innovation office invites people from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds to come together and to actively participate in the re-programming of the monument and its narrative for the city.

Together with artists, creatives, city planners, scientists and social policy actors from Germany, France and Israel, toolkits for the usage of the Multihalle will be developed.

The aim of the three-day workshop is to development of various toolkits that demonstrate perspectives for the use of Multihalle and enable future users of the hall to take action. As is usual in the process of design thinking, both the creative approach as well as the structure-oriented concept of business modeling and prototyping are to be used within an interactive process in order to be able to present a realistic and economically viable approach to using the Multihalle.

The architectural proposal selected from the international competition should serve as the basis for the conceptual and transdisciplinary design thinking process.

The workshop will take place in the Restaurant Multihalle in Herzogenriedpark, Mannheim.

Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.