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Workshop: Design Thinking in a nutshell


Thursday 16:00 17:30


How can we deal with uncertainty, complexity and constant change? Existing principles and practices need to be reconsidered. New ways and approaches are required. Design Thinking offers a way to tackle those challenges. But what can we learn from designer? In order to understand complex facts, designer look at these from different angles. A change in the perspective to the perspective of the customer and user helps to understand connections. In the words of Marcel Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." In a design process, this way of thinking is a central point and basic prerequisite for making new discoveries or improving the existing through a new combination of existing opportunities. This creates innovation.

In this interactive workshop, the approach of Design Thinking is made tangible. With Design Thinking it is possible to create a special form of cooperation characterized by creativity, experimentation, openness and cooperation. Ideas are generated playfully, resulting in holistic and user-friendly solutions. We would like to apply this jointly to the overall Allez Hop! topic by finding answers to the question: “How might we strengthen the French-German exchange of entrepreneurs?” in a co-creative Design Thinking process. Create with us a concept of the future for this!

This workshop takes place as part of the Smart Space Operator Training Course. For more information about the project and its services visit the Smart Space Digital Innovation Hub platform: