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Digital Culture

Panel: Strengthening export and market access to neighbouring countries


Thursday 16:00 17:30


While the political ties between France and Germany have recently been renewed, at the national level, with the Aachen treaty, strong dynamics for cultural entrepreneurs and startups are emerging, during the recent years, at the regional scale as well.
Especially since the latest territorial reforms in France, giving birth to the Greater Est Region, the scope and critical mass of regional initiatives have changed fundamentally: across the different sectors of cultural and creative industries, major actors join their resources to develop means and conditions for fostering export and market access for cultural startups between the neighbouring countries. What are those framework projects about? What kind of approaches can be found across the different sectors? What are the main obstacles, successes, experiences made and lessons learned? And how can those practices be put into perspective, discovering new ways of working, building on each other’s expertise and identifying new opportunities to further develop and strengthen cross-border cultural entrepreneurship?