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Digital Museum

Panel: Rethinking the Digital Museum


Thursday 14:00 15:30


The notion of what a museum is and should be has certainly changed in the last few years. Today, it is standard practice that museums use digital means to engage (potential) visitors, to change the way exhibitions are designed and conceptualized, to extend the experience of art and to alter the role of the curator among many other aspects. This panel will identify some of the central innovations and transformations of cultural institutions via the specific example of the museum. How can virtual and augmented reality become essential parts of a museum experience and how does the experience of art change when art is increasingly virtually perceived? What happens when real and virtual spaces collapse? How does the role of the museum change in times of open content and open data? Are we living in the dawn of a new of age of visitor curation? How has the role of the curator changed through digitalization? How will the cultural, social and societal roles of museums change in the midst of digital transformation? How can we ensure a more participatory and inclusive museum experience via digital means? Are we already dealing with a new type of visitor? What are the potentials for engaging new and existing audiences in the future?