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Music & Technology

Panel: Music & Technology


Thursday 11:30 13:00


It is by now a well-known fact that the music industry was one of the first industries heavily impacted by digitalization and, as a consequence, the entire value chain was significantly transformed as a result. The effect being that the music industry is one of the most comprehensively digital sectors within the creative industries, with business models, the production and distribution of music as well as a large part of the creative content now being digital. It is hardly surprising that technologies such as blockchain, for instance, are most intensely debated and experimented with in the music industry. This panel intends to shed some light on the new possibilities that new technologies open up with regard to rights management, royalty payments and the creative process itself. What role could these technologies play in innovation processes in music and beyond? What legal ramifications are connected with the use of these technologies? What are future scenarios for the intersection of music and technology? What can other industries learn from music when it comes to digitalization?