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Digital Culture

Panel: Digital Futures in Culture


Thursday 09:45 11:15


This panel will deal with the vast and far-reaching transformations set in motion by the multidimensional processes of digitalization not only but also in the cultural sector. It will investigate the complex intersections of the digital with cultural institutions, with products and services of the cultural and creative industries, with addressing and reaching new and existing audiences and with how it enables cultural actors to create more participatory, inclusive and thus smart works. Importantly, it will also deal with the question of what kind of frameworks should be in place in order to leverage the full potential that digitalization facilitates. These frameworks need to address in which ways cultural institutions, cultural entrepreneurs as well as cultural policy ought to ensure that these transformations benefit all relevant stakeholders. What are the central implications for content creators across different sectors and industries? How do technological innovations affect the way we communicate with our audiences and the art and content itself? This panel will set the discursive framework for the ensuing discussions at the summit and will generate general perspectives on which the following speakers and attendees will elaborate.