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Digital Culture

Lunch Session: Re-Imagining AI


Thursday 13:15 14:00


The poetic collision of human desire and cutting-edge technology illustrate our present age with digital harmony and voltaic friction. However, as digital design rush into a thrilling future of emerging technologies, the time span of our attention and the quality of our poetic experience decreases.
In this talk Christian Mio Loclair, Art Director at Waltz Binaire, invites you on an interdisciplinary and visually stunning journey through code experiments, robot dancing, and artificial intelligence to answer the question “WHY?”.
Can Ai be a generator for sustainable questions and holistic discussions? Can we use emerging technologies as a mirror to human nature and how do we create accessible narrations for people to participate and understand?
To enrich the perception of digital phenomena and to communicate meaningful ideas, is why we moonwalk on motherboards.

pres. by Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes