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Workshop: Green Shooting & Green Clubbing


Friday 11:15 12:45


How to get a film set green?
Everyday a new production starts and tries to produce a wonderful movie or documentation. But with each new production new problems are starting. How can we do our shooting more clean then the one before? How is it possible to reduce your carbon footprint without that many cost and work? From both we have not enough and the time is running against us. We will speak about the possibilities how everyone can help making a film set and even a film office more green.

Is Hydrogen the key to our clean energy future? - How to power your event without any emission.
A music festival has the same energy need as a small city over the weekend. Because missing grid connection, no technical infrastructure and very little uptake of digital smart metering systems, this energy is mostly produced very inefficiently by gasoline generators on site. With more than 500 big festivals and more than 5000 bigger events alone in Germany, this causes a lot of unnecessary stress on the environment. But there are alternatives. European cities can become living labs for the demonstration of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen (FCH) technologies, which produce clean renewable energy with no CO2 or noise emissions at all.