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Panel: Audience Development & Participation


Friday 09:30 11:00


A topic that is certainly relevant for everyone who is not only looking to enlarge and diversify their customer base or audience but who is also trying to find new avenues to engage potential customers or visitors in a more inclusive, exciting and smart way. This cross-sectoral panel will delve into the various opportunities for building more sustainable and participatory communities both in the cultural and the entrepreneurial realm. How can social media develop interesting and complex narratives around cultural institutions? How can we get a better understanding of our (potential) audience through digital means? Is it possible to diversify and scale your audience through innovative storytelling techniques? How can we learn more about our audiences and how do we use the data that we already have? What opportunities lie in sharing certain data with partners or even competitors in the marketplace? How can we more meaningfully and truthfully engage audiences and customers? How can we build thriving communities?