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Artistic Thinking

Panel: Artistic Innovation and Artistic Thinking across different sectors and industries


Friday 11:15 12:45


We are living in an age of creativity; some would even say in an age of artists. Everyone seems to be, or at least seems to aspire to be, an artist these days and creativity has become the driving force of innovation, in culture as well as in business and technology. Weirdly enough, it is not often the case that companies look for artists when trying to innovate. Corporations still consider artists and creatives in a rather limited fashion: as people with a heightened aesthetic sensibility. In other words: as people who make things look nice. We often talk about disruption and radically new ideas, but, upon closer inspection, we discover more of the same with a slightly different spin. Can artists provide that radically different perspective for companies? In this cross-innovation panel, we will take a close look at the potential for collaborating with artists in contexts outside of art. Do artists have an advantage when it comes to dealing with complexity and ambiguity? What benefits can artists generate in the corporate world? Do artists think differently than, for instance, engineers or business people? What role can artists play in change or innovation processes? How can we facilitate artistic thinking in different contexts? Is the artist being part of the corporation the last step in the neoliberal incorporation of the art world? Is it possible to learn to think artistically? What is the difference between artistic thinking and creativity techniques?